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218 Sqn Weather Lottery

We are always very grateful for your help with the on-going costs of running our organisation so we are delighted to introduce a great new way to raise funds for 218 (Rotherham) Squadron which gives you the chance to have some fun and win cash prizes as well. The Weather Lottery gives you much better odds of winning than other lotteries but more importantly, gives you the power to donate to our cause.

Your entry will be in the name of 218 (Rotherham) Squadron and all proceeds come directly to us. For just £1 a week you will have one chance of winning a cash prize of £25,000 or four chances of winning a cash prize of £10,000. Once administration and prize funds have been deducted we will receive up to 60p for 218 (Rotherham) Squadron

How Does it Work?

The lottery game is based on the Fahrenheit temperatures recorded in six locations as published in the Daily Mail from Monday to Thursday. The winning numbers are also published online here, so you can check daily to see if you have won. But you don’t need to – every player’s numbers are scanned daily and winners are notified automatically.

Where else can you have all the fun of a flutter with the chance of winning up to £25,000, without the worry of where you’ve put your ticket, or checking your numbers or, even worse, wondering just where the proceeds are going? And how else can 218 (Rotherham) Squadron get a no risk, no administration source of regular income? More than 1000 societies nationwide are already benefiting from this unique fundraising initiative.

You can play online here.

Your support is greatly appreciated. Thank you and good luck!